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YDROSTOP Water control valve

  • Break in the water pipe due to frost damage, corrosion
    YDROSTOP immediately shuts off the water supply
  • Leak in the water pipe, toilet reservoirs
    YDROSTOP shuts off the water supply in accordance with the preset time
  • Unwanted water consumption, snapped hose
    YDROSTOP shuts off the water supply after exceeding the preset time

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YDRODOS Dosing unit

  • Limestone and corrosion in sanitary installations 
    YDRODOS prevents the formation of limestone crystals and oxidation in the pipe
  • Lime deposits on taps, shower, bath, washbasin, etc. 
    YDRODOS treats the water, no more toiling when cleaning
  • Clogged shower heads, taps, etc. 
    YDRODOS protects sanitary installations and devices
  • Boilers, dishwashers/washing machines broken down due to scale 
    YDRODOS treats the water, prevents scale and oxidation
  • Energy loss in boilers/heat exchanger due to scaling
    YDRODOS forms a protective layer on the heating elements, scale is prevented

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YDRONET Water filter

  • Impurities in the water pipe
    YDRONET filters the water
  • Water shock (water hammer) in the pipe
    YDRONET limits water shock in the water pipe
  • Non-return valve
    YDRONET is equipped with a tested non-return valve

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YDRONET Pressure stabilizer

  • Large differential pressures in the water pipe
    YDRONET stabilizes the pressure at max. 3.8 bar
  • Devices damaged due to excessive pressure
    YDRONET prevents pressure shocks in the water pipe
  • Impurities in the water
    YDRONET filters the water

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