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YDRODOS Dosing unit

YDRODOS Dosing Unit
  1. A dosing unit with polyphosphate powder (prevents scale + corrosion)
  2. Protects the sanitary installations by means of the adequate proportional dosage in accordance with the water consumption.
  3. Visual control on consumption of the product.
  4. The already present scale/oxidation in the pipe is dissolved after a certain amount of time.
  5. Dosing unit operates without electricity.

YDRODOS prevents:

  • Scale and corrosion in the pipes and the devices.
  • Clogging, so no expensive repairs to pipes and devices.
  • Increased energy consumption.
  • Premature wear of the devices.
  • Removal of minerals from the water.


  • Operates without electricity, works hydrodynamically.
  • Via a calibration channel in the dosing cartridge, the polyphosphate powder is dissolved and proportionally mixed with the circulating water.
  • Has an extraordinarily precise dosing of 2 to 5 ppm.
  • No over or underdose.
  • Dosing mechanism is automatically replaced with cartridge replacement. (patent)
  • Dosing cartridge is easy to replace.
  • Dosing cartridge equipped with level meter, red mark. Replacement period about 40 m3.
  • Only causes very limited pressure loss.

YDRODOS operation

  • is equipped with a tested non-return valve. (KIWA, DVGW, NF, WRc, SITAC, ETA).
  • is made of corrosion-resistant synthetic material.
  • is equipped with materials in accordance with the applicable hygiene standards.
  • cartridge is filled with polyphosphate powder ('Kurita' Water Solutions) and suitable for drinking-water.
  • has a simple operation and is cheap with regard to purchase and maintenance.
  • is easy to install.
  • is a Belgian product.  


INFO: Many soft drinks contain 10x more phosphates than the water treated by Ydronet

Technical specifications

Connection device¾" BSP
Length device115 mm
Height210 mm
Diameter72 mm
Weight0,450 Kg
Flow3000 l/h
Working pressure6 Bar
Pressure tested to25 Bar
Presure loss0,2 - 0,7 Bar
Temperature1°C - 30°C
Material devicePVCu, ABS, Polypropylene
Non-return valveTested KIWA, DVGW, NF, WRc, SITAC, ETA
Replacement period cartridge35 à 40 m³
Dosing productMetaqua 187 L ('Kurita' Water Solutions)