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A largely self-cleaning waterfilter with or without water shock damper and equipped with a non-return valve. YDRONET Filter FT/FPT guarantees a safe water filtration. YDRONET waterfilter is equipped with a tested non-return valve. (KIWA, DVGW, NF, WRc, SITAC, ETA) Standard waterfilter cartridge is 50 micron, filter cloth made of nylon or polyester.

The life span of taps, pipes and sanitary devices is prolonged considerably. Premature wear and corrosion are prevented and the drinking-water quality is improved.

YDRONET Filter is an easy-to-install and largely self-cleaning waterfilter. Filter cartridge easily exchangeable after a certain course of time. (annually) A waterfilter with pulsation damper which protects your installation, devices and machines against water hammer. 

A few applications:

  • Drinking-water installations: to remove sand, grit, etc. from the water
  • Floor heating: to constantly clean the circulation water of iron and other particles.
  • Sprinkling installations: to filter the sprinkling water.
  • Pumps, valves and sprinklers are protected. 

Variants with special exchangeable cartridges for: 

  • waterfilter cartridge equipped with filter cloth of 20 micron and 5 micron on request
  • waterfilter cartridge with pulsation damper (against water hammer in the pipe)
  • waterfilter cartridge with filter cloth in Inox – 50 micron
  • lime and corrosion protection

Technical specifications

Connection device¾" BSP
Lenght115 mm
Height210 mm
Diameter72 mm
Weight0,370 Kg
Flow3000 l/h
Working pressure10 Bar
Pressure tested to25 Bar
Pressure loss0,2 – 0,7 Bar
Temperature1°C – 30°C
Filter clothNylon/Polyester (in option Inox)
Filter fineness50 micron
MaterialPVCu , POM , ABS
Non-return valve Filtertested KIWA, DVGW, NF, WRc, SITAC, ETA