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YDRONET Pressure stabilizer

YDRONET Pressure stabilizer

A largely self-cleaning filter which stabilizes the output pressure at about 3.8 bar, Ydronet guarantees a constant water pressure with wear-resistant hard ceramic discs. Ydronet filters the water via a centrifugal filter system. 

  1. No more increasing pressure in the water system. Ydronet, the device which combines two unique functions in one well thought-out concept.
  2. A constant terminal pressure also guarantees a constant temperature of the water in mixing taps.
  3. The standard filter cartridge is 80 micron or 50 micron. 

YDRONET is a pressure regulator 

  • Ydronet pressure regulator is equipped with hard ceramic discs of an unrivalled wear-resistance; impervious to sand, iron and other polluting parts.
  • Even after 2 million movements, the Ydronet valve still seals completely. In addition, a variable mains pressure does not influence the terminal pressure. It remains stable.
  • With Ydronet, the terminal pressure is individually pre-set and calibrated so that faulty setting or failures are avoided.
  • The Ydronet pressure regulating system is thoroughly tested, maintenance free and virtually indestructible. Water hammer and excessive mains pressure are not good for appliances, taps and pipes; leaks and premature wear occur, which means higher and unnecessary costs.
  • A constant terminal pressure prevents vibrations, large differences in pressure and too strong water jets when opening the tap.
  • An even terminal pressure also guarantees a constant temperature of the water in mixing taps.
  • An even terminal pressure, without pressure impulses, is essential for safety and for an optimal efficiency of your installation.

YDRONET is a fine mesh filter 

  • with a centrifugal filter system which is largely self-cleaning.
  • The filter element’s design allows for particles of dirt to be regularly removed from the filter surface.
  • This increases the filtering capacity and the filter element lasts much longer than in other systems.
  • The filter element is compact and completely pre-assembled with integrated seals. The element can be easily and hygienically changed.
  • The standard filter cartridge is 80 micron or 50 micron. Filters with a different fineness are available on request.
  • Water travels a long way from the “source” to the consumer. On that way, dirt is carried along. Premature wear, leaks and corrosion may be the result and the drinking-water quality decreases as well.
  • Ydronet guarantees a safe filtration.

Technical specifications

Connection YDRONET1 ½" BSP
Connection coupling¾" BSP
Length240 mm
Height355 mm
Diameter120 mm
Weight2,2 Kg
Flow4000 l/h
Working pressure16 Bar
Pressure tested to25 Bar
Terminal pressure3,8 Bar
Temperature1°C – 30°C
Filter clothNylon/Polyester
Filter fineness80 micron (option 50 micron)
MaterialPVCu , POM , ABS
Non-return valvetested KIWA, DVGW, NF, WRc