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YDROSTOP Water control valve

YDROSTOP Water control valve

After a sudden break in the water pipe, Ydrostop immediately shuts off the water supply.

In case of systematic water loss (small leaks, open taps …), YDROSTOP shuts off the water pipe after a preset time.

  1. Immediately shuts off water supply in case of pipe breaking
  2. Shuts off water supply in case of leakage in the pipe, depending on the preset time
  3. Prevents unnecessary water consumption 

Did you know it does not take more than a short weekend to let 80.000 litres of water (or the capacity of a private swimming pool) flow through your house in case of a break in a pipe?

YDROSTOP enhances safety and saves you money. Moreover, you contribute to a cleaner environment.
YDROSTOP can be installed anywhere: house, flat, school, office …
Operates without electricity. (Hydraulic)

Easy installation:

immediately behind the water meter, Ydrostop needs to be adjusted only once, adjustable time mechanism (15 to 120 min.) 

Equipped with:

  • Largely self-cleaning filter with non-return valve
  • Automatic or manual reset
  • Works as a fuse in the plumbing system
  • Made of high-quality synthetic material
  • Complies with the standards for drinking-water quality

YDROSTOP Operation:

YDROSTOP’s operation is based on a difference of pressure in the device. 

  • If the YDROSTOP detects a too big differential pressure, YDROSTOP immediately shuts off the water supply.
  • In case of normal water consumption, there is a small difference in pressure and the time mechanism is activated.
  • Long-lasting water consumption and an exceeded preset time (15 to 120 min) results in YDROSTOP shutting of the water supply.
  • In order to reopen/reset YDROSTOP, the open tap will need to be closed, a leak or a burst needs to be repaired, etc.
  • Then, the pressure in the pipe can build up again, and as soon as the input and the output pressure of YDROSTOP are the same, the YDROSTOP can reopen and function again. (reopen after approx. 20 seconds, depending on the water system)

Technical specifications

Connection YDROSTOP½" BSP 
Connection Filter¾" BSP
Length device350 mm
Height250 mm
Width75 mm
Weight1,2 Kg
Flow15 - 2800 l/h (option 1700 l/h)
Working pressure0,5 - 6 Bar
Pressure tested to21 Bar
Pressure loss0,2 - 0,7 Bar
Temperature1°C - 30°C
Filter clothNylon / Polyester
Filter cartridge50 micron
MaterialPVCu, POM, ABS
Non-return valveapproved KIWA, DVGW, NF, WRc, SITAC, ETA